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The NFL deserves all of the blame, Any anger at EA for its downfall of NFL2K is misdirected.The NFL wasn't happy with Madden nfl 21 coins 2k5 lowering their price, they felt that the NFL was a superior manufacturer and should not have a bargain price. The NFL approached EA, not the other way around.

I really preferred Madden through this time, but both games were great. It is a damn shame that Madden peaked about that time, it's been downhill ever since. Competition, because it sounds, is good for the consumer. Shocking.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get a Tiberian Sun/Red Alert 2 Remaster done in the specific same way.

I agree. You literally cover £60 for the exactly the same game, just with slight graphical and game adjustment. I wish they would make a sports game that would be wholly different from the previous game.

They'll add in just like one measly new feature that you're tired of after a couple of minutes. I could not justify buying a new one every calendar year .

I obtained fifa 19 in a package with Mmoexp Mut 21 coins a ps4, so for free and following a year fifa 20 was getting realesed so I presumed to buy it.It's fun, but it's not something I'd pay £60 only to play the same game but with a new style I would spend 10 minutes then get bored.

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By rsgoldfast
Added Nov 29 '20



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